Sistemas y Tecnologias de Protección Informática

SITEPRO SA is a leader company with over twenty years of experience in the development and manufacture of devices for software protection. In our portfolio companies are most important software development in Argentina and Uruguay with an installed base of more than 600,000 patrons.

Our products have evolved at the same interfaces, computers, operating systems and networks that appeared on the market. From our first models that worked in DOS, to Novell networks and Windows for Workgroups to current operating systems 32-bit, Internet and TCP / IP. So we know what we do and we know their needs for which we have the solution you need.

In addition to manufacture and market our product line HARDkeyNET, we are distributors of companies like RAINBOW TECHNOLOGIES (now SAFENET), a worldwide leader in software protection, for storing cryptographic keys and digital certificates for e-commerce accelerator boards.